Here we are! Recently back from the week in Athens, we are very satisfied with the success of the training and the workshop of U-Geohaz and we greatly appreciate Eleftheria Poyiadji (Hellenic Survey of Geology and Mineral Exploration) for the organization and hospitality!!
Both the training and the workshop events, together with the annual meeting of the Earth Observation and Geohazards Expert Group (EOEG) from EuroGeoSurveys, took place at the Greek Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (IGME).

An interesting field trip was also organized by Eleftheria, we went to see the impressive landslide that took place in Mikro Chorio (Evritania, Greece) in 1963. On the way back to Athens, we could also have a stop to see an amazing geotopo, where a sector of the Arkitsa Fault Plane is well exposed.

U-Geohaz Training 03-04/06/2019

The training classes aimed at transferring the basic knowledge to the final users (mainly Geological Surveys and Civil Protection Authorities) in order to appropriately integrate both the Satellite InSAR techniques and the U-Geohaz developed methodologies and tools in their activities of risk monitoring and management.

The training started with the presentation of Oriol Monserrat (CTTC) that, after making a general introduction of U-Geohaz, was focused on the explanation of SAR interferometry and of the processing tools developed by CTTC. Then, Anna Barra (CTTC) explained the new applications ADAFinder and ADAClassifier, developed in the framework of the European project MOMIT and based on the results of Safety and U-Geohaz. The two applications have been developed in order to simplify the interpretation and the operational usage of the PSI-derived maps. Specifically, ADAFinder automatically extracts the most significant detected Active Deformation Areas (ADA) while ADAClassifier makes an automatic preliminary interpretation of the possible phenomena related to each ADA, based on supplementary data like inventories, digital elevation model, and geology.

After the coffee break, Marta Béjar and Gerardo Herrera (Geological and Mining Institute of Spain - IGME), made a practical exercise on the usage of the Geohazards Exploitation Platform (GEP) and the tow specific services FASTVEL and DIAPASON. A temporary access to some GEP services for the inteferogram generation, deformation time series, and annual linear velocities estimations, has been made available to all the participants. The aim is to allow them to launch their own processing over their areas of interest in order to practice and test the potentialities of the platform.

U-Geohaz & EOEG workshop “landslide hazard assessment for Civil Protection” - 06/06/2019

The workshop started with the welcomes from the HSGME General Director Demetrios Tsagkas and the General Secretary of Civil Protection of Greece Ioannis Tafyllis. The program was focused on presenting some aspects an approaches related to the landslide risk management at national (Geece, Italy, Spain, Norway) and European (EuroGeoSurveys) scale.

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