• A procedure to exploit the 6-day repeatability of Sentinel-1 to early detect active movements and produce vulnerable elements activity maps (VEAM). This goal, focused on early warning systems, will suppose an advance with respect the SAFETY products for landslides.

• An early warning system for volcanic activity by fully exploiting the 6-day repeatability of Sentinel-1. This objective will suppose an important contribution for the Spanish and Canary Island CPAs, improving the existing system for volcanic activity monitoring lead by CNIG-IGN, one of the partners of U-Geohaz.

• A system able to support early warning systems for rockfall based in weather forecast, rockfall susceptibility models and rockfall propagation models. This system will be based on the knowledge acquired in the SAFETY and LAMPRE projects and will suppose a first test of a prototype for early warning systems for rockfall.

• Demonstration of the three above described goals in real test scenarios: Gran Canaria, Tenerife and El Hierro islands (Spain) and Valle d’Aosta (Italy).

• A better understanding of the relations between GSs and the corresponding CPAs in the different European countries. This document will be a key input to detect gaps to be filled and propose ways for improving the cooperation and to support the capacity building in prevention actions at national level.

• Evaluate of the impact of geohazards in Europe with a focus on recent damaging events affecting urban structures and infrastructures.

• Demonstration of the U-Geohaz product performance to the GSs and the CPAs from the participating countries. This last objective will suppose an improvement of the links between relevant actors throughout the disaster management cycle, in particular in the prevention and preparedness phases.

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